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Payroll Services

Help Me With Paying Employees and Taxes

Payroll is not something that is often handled in-house. Most organizations outsource payroll even when they have an internal accounting department. Payroll can be extremely complicated and time consuming. Sometimes an organization has the ability to hire one person to focus on payroll. Astute Bookkeeping offers payroll as a service to its clients. We will handle everything from the paperwork to filing the necessary taxes. Our clients may choose how much of the payroll process they wish to handle in-house. Do you want to physically cut the checks and handle your bookkeeping in-house? No problem, we will just take care of the taxes and send you a journal entry for your books. Do you want to just cut the checks? No problem, we will take care of the bookkeeping and taxes for you. We can also handle everything if you provide us access to your books and checks. We will just deliver you a packet of physical checks and a report for your records.

We are here to help however you need us!

Employee Benefits

Human Resources and Payroll share some responsibilities. We can help with all of the payroll functions of HR. It is not easy to manage the employee records. Are you prepared to handle benefits, garnishments, retirement plans, W-4, I-9, W-9, and more. Astute Bookkeeping offers this service since it aligns itself with Payroll. It makes sense for us to handle both if there is a need for our clients. Managing employee benefits becomes more difficult and time consuming based upon the number employees within your organization.

If you would like Astute Bookkeeping to assume a larger role in managing the HR for your organization, please contact us to find out how we can help.

One-Stop Shop for Support Services

Our owner, Chad Hensley, is very unique in his skill sets. He is educated and experienced in numerous areas of business, accounting, and marketing. He is your one-stop shop for providing support services for your organization. All of his organizations are passionate about helping our clients achieve their dreams.

Astute Bookkeeping is here to help with your bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and business needs.

Sister Companies

Astute Technology can help you with your technology needs from computer networks, servers, workstations, backup, managed services, and training.

Absolute Marketing Solutions can help you with TV advertising, website creation, SEO, search engine marketing, and much more.


Technology has become a force in the accounting industry. Accounting is now handled exclusively with computer systems and software. Astute Bookkeeping works closely with our sister company Astute Technology Solutions for any technical issue. As our client, you are covered in the realm of technology between Astute Bookkeeping and Astute Technology.

If you would like to find out more about our sister company, please click here.

Marketing Solutions

Astute Bookkeeping offers business solutions to our clients. However, sometimes businesses might need some marketing assistance with an effort to increase market share. We are here to help our clients achieve their goals. Therefore, our sister company Absolute Marketing Solutions can help our clients with their marketing needs.

If you would like to find out more about Absolute Marketing Solutions, please click here.