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Welcome to our Peoria, IL Office

Astute Bookkeeping Services LLC

2000 W. Pioneer Parkway, Suite 7F

Peoria, IL 61615

(309) 216-6130

We are located at the address above. We are accepting new clients and invite you to stop in and visit our new location.

As of 2023, Astute Bookkeeping Services relocated the corporate headquarters to Peoria, Illinois. The move was made for personal and business reasons. Peoria, IL is a larger area than Grand Junction, CO, our original location, which will allow for further growth opportunities.

Our Peoria IL office location offers all of the services previously offered in our Grand Junction, CO location such as:

  • Bookkeeping Services – Businesses should focus on their core business. Bookkeeping can be a daunting task, but unfortunately, one that is necessary. Allow Astute Bookkeeping to take care of this for your business. We will take care of everything including; A/R, A/P, Journal Entries, Categorize Transactions, Reconcile, and create monthly financials. Additional services are also available such as QuickBooks Conversions and more.


  • Payroll Services – Payroll is one of the most complicated concepts in accounting. Payroll is also not forgiving in regard to mistakes. It is imperative that employees’ pay is always perfect. Astute Bookkeeping’s Payroll Manager prides herself on being an perfectionist. She is very diligent in making sure employees and taxes are paid on time and forms are filed when they are due. Contact us today regarding your payroll needs



  • Tax Preparation – Taxes become more complicated each and every year. Our tax preparers will be in touch with you every step of the process from the signing of an engagement letter to ensuring all necessary documents have been uploaded to our secure Tax Portal. Contact us today for tax preparation needs.



  • Business Consulting – Our President, Chad L. Hensley MBA, MIS, holds two master’s degrees. One of those is an MBA. He has consulted numerous businesses over his career ranging from business models, accounting systems, operational flow models, change management, and more. Operating a business becomes more complicated as the US/World environment changes. Economic and environmental changes are constant and businesses must be able to adjust. One thing that is constant in these times is change. Contact us today to see how we can help your business navigate the current landmine fields of change.



  • Forensic Accounting – Forensic Accounting is a specialized field. It requires time and attention to detail. Our accountants have experience working as forensic accountants on law cases and we have testified in court regarding financial records. Forensic Accounting requires a scientific approach to an accounting problem. The problem must be dissected at every level to determine what took place. Let us know if you have any needs for Forensic Accounting. Forensic Accounting is billed at our Business Consulting Rate.



  • Training – Astute Bookkeeping Services will offer QuickBooks training to clients. However, it is not listed on our contract. It must be asked for specifically and it is billed at a special rate of $250 per hour.



  • Other Support Services
    • Astute Inventory Management Inc – Our firm is a pro-advisor with SOS Inventory software. We also have extensive experience working with inventory management systems. Contact us today if you have an inventory problem or if you need an inventory system setup. Setup will include training and manuals.



    • Astute Technology Solutions – Our president also owns Astute Technology Solutions. He has a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems with a focus on Enterprise Technology. Astute Technology Solutions is a Managed Service Provider (MSP). They install software which includes backup services, antivirus, patch management, and more. Ransomware is a serious threat these days and the only true defense is a good cloud backup system. Contact us today if you are in need of a cloud backup system.
      • (970) 460-9980



    • Absolute Marketing Solutions – Absolute Marketing Solutions is a full service marketing firm. The company creates websites, purchases tv advertising, builds and manages social media campaigns, and more. Contact us for your marketing needs.
      • (970) 812-3242



As stated above, Astute Bookkeeping Services could be a one-stop shop for support services. Call or stop by today to see what we can do to help you and/or your organization.

One-Stop Shop for Support Services


Our owner, Chad Hensley, is very unique in his skill sets. He is educated and experienced in numerous areas of business, accounting, and marketing. He is your one-stop shop for providing support services for your organization. All of his organizations are passionate about helping our clients achieve their dreams.

Astute Bookkeeping is here to help with your bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and business needs.

Sister Companies

Astute Technology can help you with your technology needs from computer networks, servers, workstations, backup, managed services, and training.

Absolute Marketing Solutions can help you with TV advertising, website creation, SEO, search engine marketing, and much more.


Technology has become a force in the accounting industry. Accounting is now handled exclusively with computer systems and software. Astute Bookkeeping works closely with our sister company Astute Technology Solutions for any technical issue. As our client, you are covered in the realm of technology between Astute Bookkeeping and Astute Technology.

If you would like to find out more about our sister company, please click here.

Marketing Solutions

Astute Bookkeeping offers business solutions to our clients. However, sometimes businesses might need some marketing assistance with an effort to increase market share. We are here to help our clients achieve their goals. Therefore, our sister company Absolute Marketing Solutions can help our clients with their marketing needs.

If you would like to find out more about Absolute Marketing Solutions, please click here.